Twitter analytics engagement

Improve Your Engagement with These Twitter Analytic Tips [Infographic]

Twitter allows for intimate engagement between a startup and its audience, and those small businesses active on Twitter have reaped the rewards.

For example, 57 percent of users discovered a small- or medium-sized business thanks to Twitter, and a majority of them ended up following the company.

Furthermore, half of those users followed through and shopped at the SMB’s store or website.

Making a purchase based on a company’s tweets is not only possible, but probable: 60 percent of followers made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter, and 86 percent say they expect to make a purchase in the future.

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Improve your engagement

Engaging with customers and enticing them to convert isn’t as easy as typing 140 characters and setting it loose upon your followers. First, you have to find the right employee within your company to be in charge of posting and interacting with your followers and extended audience. An effective business Twitter account, such as the likes of Wendy’s and Merriam-Webster (both of which have been in the news for their Twitter prowess), takes an understanding of the site, of your audience and of how your audience responds to your messages. All of this will help you forge a strategy that leads to sales.

Get to know Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard, which is available for all users to use on their desktops at Here you can learn about your reach, engagement and more important metrics, all of which will guide your tweet creation. When you pay close attention to how your audience reacts to your posts, you can fine-tune your strategy and find better ways to reach them, interact with them and lead them through the funnel more effectively.

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Learn more about important metrics and how to engage effectively on Twitter in the infographic below created by Surepayroll.

Twitter analytics engagement

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