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4 Steps for Tracking Influencer Marketing with Profitable Precision

Influencer marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to rise. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, it's expected to grow into a $6.5 billion industry in 2019. Yes, influencing is now a billion-dollar thing. Thanks, Kylie Jenner.  An influencer is an "individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because...
social media
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6 Lasting Principles That Drive Social Media Success

Whether you’re building your personal brand or business, social media is pivotal for success. But as platforms rapidly evolve, many struggle to build and maintain a loyal following. Social media mavens and members of The Oracles share the tactics they use to grab attention, nurture engagement and attract conversions. 1. Give, give, give The number one social media...
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How to Build a Brand Story Through Marketing

With research suggesting that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts, what can brands do with storytelling to ensure they remain head and shoulders above the competition? Many brands already have the foundations to build and sell their story but fail to use these to their full potential when it comes to positioning themselves with...
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How to Take Your Content Creation From Mediocre to Viral

Most modern businesses engage in digital marketing of some kind, and much of that falls under the umbrella of content marketing. Whether it's blog posts, photos, social media updates, videos, webinars, or anything else, you probably use content marketing to maintain a relationship with your audience. So for most of us, publishing a piece of...
content marketing
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Why Content Marketing Doesn’t End with a Pageview

One of the most common mistakes that I see when it comes to content marketing is lack of strategy. Most companies know that they need a plan for their content marketing, from content ideas to an editorial calendar to their voice/tone. But this is not the same thing as having a strategy. A content marketing...
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How to Monetize Your Podcast

People love podcasts; they’re consuming more of them each year, and the popularity of podcasts is expected to keep growing. The meteoric growth of podcast audiences over the past five years is attracting advertisers in droves, and podcast advertising revenue is predicted to hit $500 million in 2020. Between devoted listeners and businesses looking for...
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How to Find and Connect with Your Audience on Social Media [VIDEO]

How would you like to find and attract the right potential clients and partners to help your business grow? With the right strategy, social media is a great tool to make that happen. In fact, a variety of these platforms have completely transformed the way we connect with our audience (and fellow entrepreneurs) online. When done correctly,...
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Use Livestreaming to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Video marketing is big right now, and it’s only going to get bigger. Projections estimate that by 2019, video will account for 80 percent of all internet traffic, and savvy marketers everywhere are singing the praises of livestreaming as a way for brands to take advantage of this trend. Despite video content’s ability to reach...
Content marketing
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7 Ways to Know if Your Content Marketing is Actually Working

I’ve talked a lot about content marketing and how to do it effectively. How do you actually know if all the time and money that you’re investing in content is actually paying off? The obvious measure that most people use is traffic: website visits, sessions and pageviews. However, traffic on its own really doesn’t tell you...
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Beyond Translation: Andovar’s VP of Marketing on Localizing Your Startup

In our increasingly global economy, savvy entrepreneurs look beyond their country’s borders for opportunity. But expanding to other parts of the world requires more than just translating your app or website to another language; it requires localizing. In a recent Skype chat, StartupNation talked to Jacob Stempniewicz, vice president of marketing at Andovar, a translation...
Video marketing
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5 Video Marketing Trends Every Small Business Should Try

The importance of video marketing has been steadily growing as the popularity of YouTube, Snapchat and other video-focused platforms surface. Marketers have found that video is engaging (65 percent of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video) and can be used across all social platforms to boost impressions, likes and more. The best part...
Twitter analytics engagement
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Improve Your Engagement with These Twitter Analytic Tips [Infographic]

Twitter allows for intimate engagement between a startup and its audience, and those small businesses active on Twitter have reaped the rewards. For example, 57 percent of users discovered a small- or medium-sized business thanks to Twitter, and a majority of them ended up following the company. Furthermore, half of those users followed through and shopped at...
Narrative content
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Content is (Not) King, Content is Currency

I have a love/hate relationship with the idea that content is king. For starters, there are many examples of great companies, killer profits and expansive growth that do not have content. These companies may have advertising or even marketing, but true, narrative content they do not. With respect to Bill Gates, content is not king, content...
Content goes viral
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What to Do When Your Content Goes Viral

How do you take opportunities and run with them? This is the most central question to businesses in every arena: striking while the iron is hot is the key to success. When a piece of content goes viral, even a bit viral, it’s because people are responding to and engaging with your content on a large...
Interactive Content
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Interactive Content: How to Keep Your Audience Engaged

It’s difficult to keep your audience engaged when they feel as though you’re talking at them, rather than talking with them. It’s easy to keep scrolling past a block of text if it doesn’t intrinsically call to you, and this may affect the way your audience views and uses your content. As an entrepreneur, creating...