Running late for the meeting

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Every now and then, we throw a scenario your way–a common scenario from everyday business dealings.

Here’s one that’s ever present, and some of us are more guilty than others: Being late for a meeting.

While most of the time, we’re the ones testing peoples’ patience, this weekend we were the victims.

We had set up a Sunday morning meeting at 8:30am (yes, we are maniacs). We arrived a little early (amazingly) at 8:15am to the breakfast spot and made use of the extra time to catch up on a few things prior to our guest’s arrival.

But as the clock hit 8:30am, our guest hadn’t arrived. As the clock hit 8:40am, our guest hadn’t arrived or called to let us know what was up.

At 8:43am, one of our cell phones rang. It was him and he was running late and wondered if we could meet closer to 9:30am?

As it turns out, this meeting was very important to us and we were able to meet at the later time. But that’s not the point.

Isn’t it a courtesy to call ahead if you’re running late? Especially if you want to make a positive impression, wouldn’t you go overboard to make things right?

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