StartupNation community has spoken & keeps talking!

I’m speechless.

The brand new beta version of the StartupNation community resource was released to our current community members earlier today and the site has been overwhelmed with energetic & passionate entrepreneurs and those dreaming of starting their own businesses.

People are creating their own personal profiles, many also uploading a photo of themselves or their dog or their small business startup logo. They’re creating topics in the community forum and commenting on those topics that catch their interest.

Connections are being made, information is being shared, mentors are rising to the surface, questions are getting answered, new questions are arising that people didn’t even know they had. We’re watching some brand new startup businesses launch before our very eyes.

It’s simply phenomenal. And I’m not at all surprised.

Entrepreneurship is alive & well in the StartupNation community and people are proving it right here on our website. It’s really something special & you just gotta check it out & feel free to join in on the conversation if you like.

Our new community resource is in beta. It’s working wonderfully and we’ll be adding features, messaging & functionality to it every day as we move toward the official public launch. So let us know what you think. We need your input to let us know what you love so far & what you’d like to see as an enhancement.

Don’t hold back. Not only can we take it – we LOVE it! There’s nothing more exciting to us here at StartupNation than someone who’s passionate about starting & growing their dream business.

So, Bring It On & Start It Up!

I can’t wait til tomorrow.

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