The cell phone is in the cheese drawer

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Having trouble keeping up?

Can't remember if that important meeting was happening this week? Or was it next week?
Sleepless laying in bed at night, roiling over the 14 other things you were supposed to finish but didn't?

Then you'll appreciate what happened to me this morning.

Woke at 6a. Bleary. Rose. Dressed for a run in the 50 degree morning air – a good way to wake up! Hit the sidewalk and started off.

My mind woke up at about .75 miles into the jog. I started sifting through all the things I didn't finish yesterday, the things I will finish today. (intend to, anyway). By the time I got back home, my mind was buzzing. I checked my cell phone to confirm that the first official meeting of the day was at 10am, not 8am, which, for some reason felt like a distinct possibility at about mile 1.5.

Phew. The meeting's at 10a. Rushed into the kitchen, grabbed some Greek yogurt, some cheese, some OJ, some wheat germ, some blueberries, then some Mueslix from the pantry. Scarfed down breakfast. Showered. Dressed. Said "bye" to the love of my life and wished her a good workday. And drove away.

Usually, on my commute to our office, I scan emails on my cell that have poured in overnight. Very dangerous, but I can't help it.


It was nowhere to be found. Usually it is strangely attached to me at all times, like Spiderman stuck it to my palm. The cell phone was not in the car.

I turned around, drove back home, retraced all my steps inside the house from wakeup to departure. The dogs were really excited about the wild goose chase, wagging their tails, banging into me at every rushed turn. THERE'S WORK TO BE DONE! I'M IN A RUSH!!!

Finally, I opened the frig, reopened the cheese drawer, and voila, laying in there right next to the Reggiano Parmesian lay my phone, a little fogged up.


Am I rushing too much? Is life moving too fast? My cell phone was in the cheese drawer!

Breathe… Breathe…

P.S. The dogs were thrilled about the rushing around – they got some cheese out of the madness.

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