War of Words: Coming down the pike?

We know, we know! We’ve been bad bloggers lately. Sorry for the long absence. Instead, we’ve been very active in the discussion boards here at StartupNation.

Now, onto the subject at hand… ye olde War of Words continues! Calling all who are opinionated, argumentative, convicted, holier-than-thou, snobbish, and smarty-two-shoes…

The question worthy of word war is as follows:

What is the correct expression?

Good news is "coming down the pike."


Good news is "coming down the pipe."

My opinion is "pike," but it still sounds weird and i kind of stumble as i say that part of the expression…

I’ll create a post in our community boards about this and hope you pipe up there. or is that "pike up"?!

Here’s where to discuss this!

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