What I learned over Spring break…

• When children are concerned, the noise level in your home increases exponentially for each child added.
• In a related revelation, little girls scream a lot.
• One should not bother cleaning the floor during a play date, unless it is an activity you enjoy doing more than once.
• On a related note, many children do not understand the words. “Please play outside.” “Take off your shoes by the door.”, or “No, you can’t play with the hose when it is only 50 degrees outside.”
• If it is possible, six year olds go through even more clothes each day when they are not attending school.
• The public school system is the saving grace of parents everywhere.
• One of every three plans you devise to keep your child amused with be canceled or interrupted by an upset stomach or runny nose.
• If a repairman is coming between Noon and 5, he will arrive at 4:45 unless you run to the grocery store earlier. Then you will miss him completely.
• If you plan to get any work done, consider camp for the week.

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