Kim Babjak

Kim Babjak was born to be an entrepreneur. From her childhood days of developing products, Kim has loved all aspects of business. However, the area that brings her the most joy is helping others achieve success. Armed with her dream of taking to market products she had been developing for years, Kim took a chance at becoming financially and emotionally free by starting and running her own business.

She wanted to create a company that would give her the flexibility to work around her children and family, give her the freedom to make her own decisions, and help other entrepreneur's achieve the type of success she had.

"I want to make people's lives easier, and that is just what I am doing" said Kim.

Along the way, Kim encountered many obstacles, and through her perseverance, is now the owner of a highly successful company whose consumer products sold on QVC America, QVC UK, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's and large catalogs internationally.

Kim is thrilled to take the experience and knowledge she has gained from starting and running her business, and now share it with others. Kim provides guidance and resources in the areas of product development, offshore manufacturing, importing and QVC consulting.

This highly energetic and personable entrepreneur is helping create the "American Dream, one Dreamer at a time!"Since launching her company in 1998, Kim Babjak of KimCo LLC, has been living her "American Dream" of success. While wearing many hats like mother, entrepreneur, business woman, author, speaker and QVC agent, Kim has designed and taken to market many of the consumer products she has designed over the years.

Her struggles and hurdles in the process have compelled her to develop a unique consulting program that helps entrepreneurs with finding, then living their own "American Dream." KimCo's new venture helps entrepreneurs get their products seen by millions on QVC or HSN, idea to paper product development, product prototyping and overseas manufacturing.
Always Dream Big!

Kim's four reason why she works so hard !


Ask yourself; what will draw consumers to buy your products in 2010?

The combination of speed to market and innovation is more and more important in this slumping retail landscape. Product developers need to have the consumer in mind now a days, and in the far future, when they are developing and bringing to market their ideas. They cannot afford to design products that they like, it is all about the consumer and what they want to spend their smaller expendable incomes on.

Shoppers are prompting retailers, and retailers are relying on product developers to address the main questions shoppers are asking “Convince me why I need this. Otherwise I’m not spending my money in your stores.”

Shoppers will remain more cautious, deliberate, and value-oriented, the Internet has empowered shoppers with information. Shoppers have not rejected brick and mortar stores, but they do want to be dazzled and have an emotional experience when they shop. Retailers must understand their shoppers on an emotional level and can no longer focus solely on demographics. They need to tap into the core of why people shop, and how that has changed forever now.

In order to create a compelling reason to bring people into their stores, the retailers will be heavily dependant on the type of product can categories they can offer the shopper at reasonable prices. Like I blogged about some time back, people want to shop, they need too, however, they want the right product at the right price. The best way to achieve this is for the retailers to stay on top of trends and have new and exciting inventories for shoppers to be interested in.

So, again, that versatility and variety is going to come from us, the future product developers.

What retail buyers are telling me they need to see from new product vendors!

In my talks with retail buyers, it is quite clear that Kim has truly nailed it – retailers need to drive traffic to their stores and that traffic comes from consumers who desire fun and useful products that they desire to own.

Customers also want true value.  High perceived value.  Not a so-so product in a plain old package.  They want cool products. Products that look like they cost allot but that they don’t have to spend a lot to get.

Green is in and here to stay!  Consumers are now seeing more and more companies that are making products that don’t leave such a big footprint on the environment, and if you have such a “green” product it may give you an edge when presenting a product to a retail buyer, that the next guy does not!

I am also seeing that retailers are starting to take some risks again.  It is not as much as it was in the heydays of the 90’s when economic times were great and retail chains could afford to take chances and have some products perform poorly in their stores. 

It is more important than ever to have a product that is well made, priced right, and offers true benefits that retail buyers can get excited about.  Whether you have created a simple item or a complex one, retailers just want to know you have made it safely and with a reliable manufacturer. This gives them comfort in knowing you will act like a reliable vendor who fully supports their retail business.

Even in tough times, retail stores must still offer new products to consumers….they will just be more picky about what they choose to sell!

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