Sign of the times – Internet advertising to sail past radio

On the one hand, I’m a radio guy. On the other hand, I’m a web guy. StartupNation bridges the two universes with it’s nationally syndicated radio program for entrepreneurs and with it’s advice-rich website.

The news today that online ad spending will soon surpass the radio advertising spend is not surprising, but it is a sign of the times. It underscores the advantages of the web as a medium for the biggest and smallest businesses to get results from marketing/advertising efforts.

Not only does the web offer all of the amazing measurement and analysis tools, but the ability to "narrowcast" instead of "broadcast" your message to a pre-qualified audience is unparalleled by any other medium.

As we experience here at StartupNation everyday, and as the article suggests, it’s important to note that the web won’t make other mediums passe. Instead, they will become more relevant as they’re combined with web initiatives. The web will play a sort of "uber" role among marketing efforts that span (or, "integrate") multiple mediums.

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