Success Killers

Larry Thompson is an agent in Hollywood. He wrote a book called "Shine." I read about it in AARP Magazine. After observing stars–the Hollywood kind– he came up with these four tips for success:

1- Identify Your Talent: Stars are clear about what they excel in, whether it’s fixing cars, taking photos, working with children, or arranging flowers
2- Summon Your Rage: Stars have a ferocious drive to succeed–they aim in one direction and run in that direction as hard as they can
3- Assemble a Team: All stars have supporters, mentors, advisers, and counselors
4- Learn to be Lucky: Stars concentrate their energy on managing elements of luck they can control

What I found more enlightening were these ten things to avoid. He called them “Success Killers”:

1- Comparing yourself with someone else
2- Not facing your fears
3- Leaving a job undone
4- Feeling sorry for yourself
5- Speaking like Ozzy Osborne
6- Dressing like Anna Nicole Smith
7- Saying you hate computers
8- Not staying in touch with your family
9- Saying “I can’t”
10- Having more regrets than dreams

It seems we can all learn something from the stars!!

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