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3 Venture Capital Firms Women Business Owners Need to Know About

There are plenty of incredible venture capital firms throughout the country dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs get the leg up they deserve when it comes to funding their business. I might be a little impartial to my city, but as a Southern California native, I especially love to see these firms sprout up throughout the Los Angeles area.

If you’re an entrepreneur making the move to LA and think your business is fit to pitch for venture capital, take a look at these women-based VC firms to get the backing you need.

Brilliant Ventures

When Brilliant Ventures says they have a new approach to venture capital, they mean it. The firm doesn’t want to simply invest in your business and leave it at that. Their team also wants to invest their time, energy and resources into your company, including market expertise and insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Founded by Kara Weber and Lizzie Francis, Brilliant Ventures works with seed-stage companies already in-market, transformational companies that are building the future of e-commerce, and brilliant entrepreneurs with U.S.-based companies, primarily in Los Angeles and New York City.

Both Weber and Francis work together to help these companies grow and scale and boast an impressive portfolio that includes female-forward co-working platform, The Riveter, and natural fragrance company, Skylar Body.

They also employ additional resources, like a team of sector experts and the female entrepreneurial network in LA to help businesses rise up and be successful.

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Fika Ventures

If you’re seeking support from a boutique seed fund instead of a firm, Fika Ventures might be the perfect fit for your business.

Led by General Partner, Eva Ho, fika is a Swedish word that loosely translates to the phrase “to have coffee.”

Fika Ventures has an entire manifesto dedicated to its meaning, letting entrepreneurs know that they are serious about investing in their business, but don’t want anyone to feel pressured or intimidated by the process. They would much rather get to know you over coffee in order to create and collaborate together.

It’s an approach that truly works once you’ve taken a quick glance at the roster of companies they’ve worked with, including home daycare, WeeCare, and personal tax advisor, Visor.

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Halogen Ventures

You might already know this VC fund by its famous founding partner, Jesse Draper. Creator and host of “The Valley Girl Show” television series, Draper is also a fourth generation venture capitalist. And if your business is female-founded in the consumer technology arena, you might want to pitch it to Halogen Ventures first.

A few iconic brands in their portfolio include daily e-newsletter, theSkimm, gourmet candy boutique, Sugarfina, and millennial-focused professional network, Levo League.

Each company Halogen Ventures works alongside gets plenty of hands-on assistance from the fund’s team and strategic network of advisors, investors and accelerators in the venture community.

Halogen Ventures lives by its mantra: “We believe entrepreneurs are the salt of the earth.”

Whether you’re based in Southern California or are considering making a move, these women-based venture capital companies just may be what you need to help get your business off the ground.

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