Important Takeaway from Home-Based Hits Radio Show

22 Jun 2014

Jeff Sloan

Jeff is a visionary entrepreneurial force with particular expertise in creating and developing early stage companies. Jeff currently spearheads Aria Ventures, LLC whose mission it is to “package” meritorious business opportunities and concepts into viable businesses. Specifically, Jeff and the Aria International team prepares the business plans, identifies the key team members, raises the seed financing, and provides ongoing strategic guidance throughout the development phase, the launch phase and the growth phase.

In addition to creating new ventures, Jeff is the co-founder of StartupNation® (, a multi-media company that provides education and inspiration to aspiring and existing business enthusiasts. StartupNation is now one of the leading brands in the world of entrepreneurship. The website is one of the most visited by aspiring entrepreneurs with over 2,000,000 people using the StartupNation “Ten Steps to Open for Business” startup process. In his role at StartupNation, Jeffrey co-hosted the award-winning nationally syndicated call-in StartupNation® Radio show, which aired in over 85 markets. Today, Jeffrey and co-founder/brother Rich Sloan appear on numerous cable news networks as entrepreneurial experts, including regular monthly appearances on the Fox Business News Network show “Your Money/Your Business”. In the first quarter 2010, the Sloan Brothers completed a nationally televised show on Public Television stations entitled “StartupNation – Open for Business” (StartupNation – Open for Business). In 2005, the Sloans first book, by the same name, was published by Doubleday. A follow up book, authored by Jeff, will be published in 2011.

This past week’s StartupNation Radio show focused on home-based businesses. We covered a lot of the pros and cons of starting and operating a business at home, and interviewed several successful entrepreneurs who all started in their homes and have gone on to great success. Most illuminating for me however was the realization that in the absence of being able to start a business at home, many businesses would never have been started at all in the U.S. And think what that would mean to our economy.

To put it in perspective, over the last decade, 24 million new businesses were started in the U.S. as home-based businesses. That’s one new home-based business starting every 11 seconds. Significantly, home-based businesses account for roughly 52% of all businesses in the U.S. and generate a whopping $427 billion per year in collective revenue. By any measure, that’s big business. To bottom line it… no doubt, without the existence of this segment of the business community in the U.S., we wouldn’t have the powerhouse economy that we do, and I’m not sure our great country would be able to maintain the moniker of “the land of opportunity” without the ability to start a business at home.

I asked Jay Kriner, founder of the home-based business known as BevBuckle ( if he would ever have been able to start his business if not for at home, and he answered with an emphatic “no”. Think about that. Think about what that means not only to the facilitation of one’s own dreams of owning a business but also to our economy at large. So the next time you think home-based businesses are nothing more than a hobby or nothing more than something to do to pass the time and stay busy, think again. Check out our show and there will be no doubt of the power and importance of fostering our community of home-based business entrepreneurs and encouraging the startup of more.