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Have you noticed the growing wave of promotions (contests and sweepstakes) that are all over the internet these days?

Start looking around and you’ll see tons of TV ads that drive people to an online promotion. You’ll also see all sorts of banner ads on sites throughout the Internet trying to get you to click through.

Heck! You’ve seen them a number of times right here on StartupNation!

So why are promotions becoming so popular with advertisers? Well, it’s because, when done right, they work… for everyone.

For the sponsor, they provide a way to get a message out with SIZZLE! And in the process, they get you to register and they get to learn a little about you demographically and psychographically. They can also get registrants’ permission to send emails in the future.

For the registrant (or, "contestant"), these online promotions work because THEY’RE FUN! People actually enjoy "chance" and the creativity of some of the creative activities and games included in the promotions.

Just take a look at the "I’m Going Places" promo Microsoft Office Live! is running (and promoting here at our site through banner ads). It’s a great example. Who wouldn’t want a private jet at their disposal for a few hours?!

So, what’s the takeaway? Maybe it’s a business practice you can check out and consider for your business. In fact, there’s a cool new service afoot that will allow even the smallest business to run its own online promotion. It’s called "Caffiene."

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