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Top 6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Back Up Their Data

You’ve invested countless hours and sweat equity getting your business idea online. You’ve established your online presence through the creation of a website (e.g., and you’ve established professionalism and credibility attaching your email to that domain (e.g. [email protected]). Things are going great! You’re growing, acquiring customers and brokering relationships. But have you paused to...
cloud storage
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The Beginner’s Guide: Cloud Storage Tips for Entrepreneurs

Small businesses and startups alike are increasingly moving to the cloud for data storage and work processes. But what exactly is this cloud that you've been hearing so much about? The "cloud" is just a metaphor for the internet and refers to anything web-based. Simply put, cloud storage is the storage of data online, so...
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Keeping your data safe as a startup

Keeping your data safe as a startup Data security is increasingly in the media spotlight, with reports of high profile breaches of information security coming to light almost daily. While big, established businesses might acutely aware of the need to act responsibly and legally when it comes to their own data (and their customers’), the...
Customer Database
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Big Data Benefits Businesses of All Sizes

"Big data" generates "big information" Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. A 2012 Gartner report predicts that data will grow 800 percent over the next five years and 80 percent of the data...
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More on Computer Storage

A funny thing about being a new blogger is that I never know what is going to get people talking. My post on an easy-to-use Raid Array, which is designed to prevent loss of your important data, got lots of responses. A number of people pointed out that a RAID is no substitute for backing...
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Computer Stuff

One of the challenges faced by high-growth businesses is Information Technology, or IT. This broad category includes laptop and desktop computers, servers, file storage, internet service, phone systems, network gear, etc. Large corporations have massive IT departments to support their systems. Solo operations can usually get by with a consumer-grade setup. Those in between need...