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Need a Business Idea for Your Startup? Try This Method!

Try this method if you need a business idea This article teaches you a method to generate a viable business idea. One of my greatest challenges when I started my company was coming up with the actual business concept. I knew I wanted to start a business but did not have a specific concept in...
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Hatching Your Million Dollar Business Idea: The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins and Stage One: Pre-decision You, in all likelihood, have little to no dough and have been thinking about creating your own business for some time. Since you are reading this blog, I imagine you also are now becoming serious about moving ahead with and acting on your thinking. Creating your own business...
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Hatching Your Million Dollar Business Idea: Power of Two

The Power of Two Once you have gained the necessary insights into how you function as an individual, we then can explore the “power of two.” In the first post, Hatching Your Million Dollar Business Idea, you were asked to reflect on questions about the skills you have and the ones you need. As a...
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Hatching Your Million Dollar Business Idea: Working from your strengths

Working from your strengths In his book, Management Challenges for the 21st Century, renowned management consultant Peter Drucker dedicates a full chapter (Chapter 6) to managing oneself. The chapter opens with these questions: What are my strengths? What is my contribution? What are my relationships and responsibilities? Drucker focuses on working from strengths. However, your...
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Hatching Your Million Dollar Business Idea

Learn how to develop your business idea These posts are meant for individuals who either work alone, with a few or with many others. Its intention is to help those both inexperienced or experienced in business idea development. The Basic Egg Everyone faces challenges while hatching business ideas, although those challenges vary from person to...