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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: New Military Veteran Grant Program (Episode 290)

On today's Business Beat, Jeff spotlights a grant program for military veterans with outstanding entreprenuerial ideas: Tune in to the Business Beat, below, to learn more about the Military Entrepreneur Challenge presented by the StreetShares Foundation: Tune in to News/Talk 760 AM WJR weekday mornings at 7:11 a.m. for the WJR Business Beat. Listeners outside...
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3 Things A Small Business Lender Needs to Know About You and Your Business

What your lender wants to know about YOU Applying for a small business loan can be stressful. A lender might even make you feel like you’re in the Spanish Inquisition as they dig into things like your personal credit score, your business credit profile, and other data points in your business and personal life. You’re...
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Things Investors Say When Really What They Mean is, “No”

One lesson I learned the hard way as a founder is that investors never like to say “no.” They especially don’t like to say “yes,” but “no” is almost as difficult to get out of them. Why? Well, because they never want to completely close the door on what could eventually be a massive missed...
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Financing Options for a Small Business

Finding the Right Funding Financing your business is one of the first  critical decisions you'll make.  A while back, we were approached by "Brian," an Entrepreneur who  started a company with a combination of funds from his personal savings  account and credit cards. He was looking for a venture capital  investment, but part way into his...
Startup Funding
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5 Tips for Small Businesses Looking for a Loan

A loan may or may not be the best source of funding. The ways in which small businesses and startup companies find the funding they need to develop their ideas and target growth has changed significantly in recent years. The process is no longer focused entirely on winning the approval of your local bank manager...
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Startup Funding – A Closer Look at the Key Options

Gaining access to initial funding and maintaining a workable cash flow situation are two of the biggest challenges that newly established and fledgling businesses face. There are of course no guarantees of sustainable success even when a new company is able to generate investor interest and raise the cash they need to get started. Here...
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The Angel Honey Pot Continues to Grow

According to the 2006 Angel Market Analysis released today by the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, the angel investor market experienced steady growth in 2006, with total investments of $25.6 billion, an increase of 10.8 percent over 2005. This is an irrefutable statement about the fact that the money is...