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How Barcodes Show Your Product is Retail Ready

In the age of the smartphone, consumers carry a computer and virtual shopping cart in their pockets at all times. Never before has there been such an opportunity for retailers to connect artisans, specialty foods purveyors, niche clothing boutiques and other startup brands with specific shoppers around the world. While retailers can carry a wide...
wjr business beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: This is Where U.S. Consumers Begin Their Product Searches (Episode 152)

By now, we're all familiar with the record-setting numbers associated with shopping online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but a closer look reveals important changes in consumer behavior in the online shopping experience that require all merchants to take note. Most consumer searches start with Google, right? Wrong! According to a recent survey from...
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11 Ways Retailers Can Combat Coronavirus Fears

Rita Mitchell, Certified Counselor at the USM Small Business Development Center’s College of Business and Economic Development, compiled a great list of 11 ways retailers can combat coronavirus fears, the closures, and the financial decline those fears are causing. Related: How to Support Local Merchants While Social Distancing Below are her suggestions: Have VISIBLE and...
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Why Creating a Growth Roadmap is Essential for Startups

A few months ago, a close friend of mine (just like several thousand other Georgians) started a CBD business. With the legalization of CBD across the nation in 2018, the industry has ballooned as new entrepreneurs try to capitalize on an enticing market opportunity. After months of planning and thousands of dollars in investment, he...
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8 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Getting Customers to Buy Your Product (No Matter What it Costs)

Price is one of the most crucial considerations in any business, and it’s important to charge what you’re worth. We asked these master salespeople, including Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, and advisors in The Oracles, how to convince customers your price is worth it — especially when you charge a premium. 1. Offer a quality product and...
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How to Justify Your Sales Content Management Spend Before Year’s End

Startups need to be very strategic about their investments, and it can seem hard to justify a big marketing spend, like requesting a new or replacement Content Management System (CMS). However, while you’re budgeting for 2018, now is the best time of year to have the discussion. You may not feel like you have the proper...