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Find the Right Location for Your Business

Convenience is critical to the success of many products and services today. Most working people have more money than time. When you ask them to buy from you, they will measure how long it will take them to find you, find out about your product or service, buy it and get home. They will also...
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How to Manage a Home Office

It is not uncommon for a new home-based business owner to locate their office in the one of the smallest rooms in the house, as balancing the space needs of the business and the family is a challenge. This makes it even more critical that the office space be well used and highly utilitarian in...
Business Concept
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How to Find the Right Business Concept

Finding a business concept that matches your personality is the most crucial step in becoming successfully self-employed. It makes no sense to leave an unfulfilling job to go into an equally unrewarding business enterprise. The strength of successful small businesses comes from the unique combination of the entrepreneur's personality and a great product or service....
market research
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How to Conduct Market Research

  Conducting market research can help provide  entrepreneurs a boost of confidence or send them back to consider changes to their strategy. Quite often the first thought that a new entrepreneur has is "I am going to be free - I am on my own; no boss; and no schedule!" This thinking is understandable but unfortunately...
direct response
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Direct Response Marketing: How to Use It

Direct response marketing helps you make a memorable personal impression with a variety of people and is critical to gaining attention for your new business. If you are persistent and persuasive these contacts will turn into customers. And your new customers will provide cash (hopefully) to propel your business from the survival phase into the...
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How to Set Profitable Pricing

After investing hours researching your new business idea, it is easy for the new entrepreneur to forget that the essence of business is not how eye-catching your business card is or how well-organized your home office appears. It is simply one reality-you must make a profit as quickly as you can and continue to make...
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Estimating Your Initial Business Expenses

Estimating startup expenses is a critical component to your 1st year success. There are five parts to an effective financial management system for your small business: Estimating costs and living by a budget. Making frequent projections of profit and cash. Developing reliable collection techniques. Maintaining a solid bookkeeping and expense control system. Managing your tax...
Customer Service
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How to Create Great Customer Service

Customer service can create a unique point of differentiation for companies. Marketing experts tell us that the customer's satisfaction is of the utmost importance to successful companies. Television and print advertisements bombard us with their promises to make us happy as buyers. And yet, according to a survey published in Time magazine, more than one-half...
sales prospecting
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Sales Prospecting – How to Plan It and Do It

The only true test of effective marketing is whether it produced a profit. For many new business owners, the most trying and nerve-wracking part of producing a profit is convincing the prospective customer to buy what you are offering. This process is made even more challenging by the existence of successful and experienced competitors. Very...
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Advertising: What You Need to Know

Entrepreneur Once you have started to gain attention for your new business through promotion, publicity and direct response marketing the careful use of advertising can greatly accelerate the rate at which you find and communicate with new sales prospects. Advertising in its traditional form is the use of paid promotion in newspapers, magazines, radio and...