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business owner's policy
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Business Owner’s Policy: Why Your Startup Needs This Type of Insurance Now

Like many industries, the insurance world has its own language, with a glossary full of acronyms that routinely spill out of an agent’s mouth: GL (general liability), E&O (errors and omissions), EPL (employment practices liability), BPP (building personal property), WC (workers’ compensation) and on and on. Insurance can be complicated, and the frequency with which...
home-based business insurance
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4 Insurance Considerations for Your Home-Based Business

Starting and running a home-based business offers many benefits: decreased commute time, increased flexibility, and lower overhead costs, to name a few. However, when building or transitioning to remote business, several areas require extra attention. Digital advertising, data systems and connectivity tools need to be updated, and so does your business insurance. Unless you work...
health food
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7 Steps for Getting Your Health Food Product to Market

There’s never been a better time to launch a health food product. In 2018, organic food sales in the U.S. rose 5.9 percent. Additionally, the global gluten-free market is slated to reach $12.5 billion by 2024. While we’ve never seen such thirst for healthy products, that doesn’t make getting a health food product to market...
public liability insurance
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What is Public Liability Insurance, and Does My Startup Need It?

Not taking the time to understand public liability insurance can often lead to serious financial consequences for new entrepreneurs starting a business. Here, we provide a simple overview of this type of insurance policy in order to help you determine whether or not it’s necessary for your particular business. What is public liability insurance actually...
business insurance
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3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Business Insurance

Many entrepreneurs are the “big picture” people among us; they have that rare combination of dreamer and doer. As such, most of the calls I get from entrepreneurial clientele is after they have started up their new business and, as it grows, they realize they are going to need some sort of insurance policy. Insurance...
Business insurance
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Business Insurance Essentials for New Entrepreneurs

You have always been a dreamer. Now that you’ve graduated from college, you put your dreams into motion and started your own business. At this point, you have a great idea, an excellent team and the capital you need to set up shop. Now, it’s all about protecting yourself, your workers and your business with...
Business Insurance
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Types of Business Insurance You Need to Protect Your Startup

Denver sausage store owner Kathy Laurenti didn’t realize she was under-insured until it was too late. When a gun shop next door caught fire, water and smoke damage shut her business down, costing her an estimated $100,000 to reopen. Unfortunately, her business insurance only covered $10,000 for lost income. Stories like this are all too...
Business owners policy
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Simplify Your Insurance with a Business Owners Policy

Whether you’re running a startup or are self employed, every small business owner faces risks. However, many small businesses are underinsured for various reasons. According to a survey conducted by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, nearly 60 percent of home-based businesses lack insurance. Nearly 30 percent of those surveyed said they aren’t insured...
Business insurance
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The 3 Key Factors That Influence Business Insurance Rates

Business insurance is essential to a properly functioning company. It can protect you when accidents occur, as well as give you peace of mind that you’re covered at all times. If your business insurance rates are rather pricey, you’d probably like to know how to lower them. The following are some factors that will influence...