Nicki Escudero

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Nicki Escudero is a journalist, marketing copywriter and social media strategist with more than 15 years professional experience in a variety of industries, including daily newspapers, multi-million dollar health and wellness brands and technology startups.
customer relationship management
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Automating Customer Relationship Management for Your Startup’s Website

You've set up your website, started your marketing campaigns and hired a great customer service team for your startup business. Yet, you still feel behind and like all the pieces aren't connecting. Don't worry — that's common for startups, and there is a solution. By connecting a customer relationship management (CRM) software program with your...
Business Insurance
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Types of Business Insurance You Need to Protect Your Startup

Denver sausage store owner Kathy Laurenti didn’t realize she was under-insured until it was too late. When a gun shop next door caught fire, water and smoke damage shut her business down, costing her an estimated $100,000 to reopen. Unfortunately, her business insurance only covered $10,000 for lost income. Stories like this are all too...
3-D printing
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How 3-D Printing Advances are Benefiting Startups

3-D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and the biggest breakthroughs are still to come. This fall, a team of Pennsylvania State University researchers announced they had developed a beam-scanning technique that can make 3-D printers print 1,000 times faster than they do today. The technique uses a heated crystal made of potassium tantalate and potassium niobate...