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Automating Customer Relationship Management for Your Startup’s Website

You’ve set up your website, started your marketing campaigns and hired a great customer service team for your startup business. Yet, you still feel behind and like all the pieces aren’t connecting. Don’t worry — that’s common for startups, and there is a solution. By connecting a customer relationship management (CRM) software program with your website, you can collect and analyze all of your customer data in one place to significantly improve your sales process.

Having one dashboard

Your website collects a lot of data: how many unique and repeat visitors you’ve received, where visitors are from, click-thru rates, bounces rates, length of time on the site and sales numbers. If you look at your CRM, you have even more data about your customers and potential leads. Instead of spending all of your time sifting through numbers, charts and reports, integrate your website and CRM so you have all of your data in one place. This saves you the time and effort it would take to compare numbers, figure out what information is repeated and decipher what’s important.

Instead, you can use the information from your website analytics to inform your customer service. For example, if you notice that people on your site click through a number of pages, but don’t buy anything, you can look into what you need to do better in the conversion process from the sales side of your business. You can use a tool like Infor CRM to take a closer look at your lead generation and conversion rates all in one dashboard, saving you precious time.

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Improving response time

Another great way your website and customer relationship management software can work together is to answer customer questions and comments. For example, if you receive a question about the cost of a product on your website, it should automatically be put into your CRM. The CRM software also should be able to collect information about the customer, such as their location and time spent on the site, and pull information from your website to answer the question.

You can then assign the right department to answer the question or comment quickly and provide them with excellent customer service. By having all of the information in one place, questions won’t get missed by accident and the right person will be speaking with your customer, which should lead to more conversions and less customer churn.

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Making more sales

All of the information you receive from your website and customer relationship management software is ultimately to boost your bottom line. The data and analytics should help you better identify your target market, provide you with better lead generation and help you move customers through the sales funnel. By providing better customer service, you are also more likely to earn repeat customers, which saves you money in the long run.

In fact, it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Use your CRM to learn what your customers want and expect from your company in order to get them to make another purchase in the future.

While connecting your CRM and website may not solve all of your business problems, it should put you in a great place to better understand your customers. It’s up to you to take the reins from there.

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