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holiday sales
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How Your Startup Can Capitalize on Holiday Sales

Bring on the tinsel, the lights and the magic of the holiday season! Why? The “most wonderful time of the year” will take on new meaning for startup businesses this year, especially those that sell a unique product. Though it can be challenging to navigate at times, the changing nature of retail has created a...
growth hacking
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4 Growth Hacking Tactics to Boost Your Startup’s Sales

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting across the marketing funnel to improve sales. The key word is “experimenting.” In order to be a successful growth hacker, you must adopt an experimenter’s mentality and adhere to the following principles: Nothing is set in stone Design and test all your ideas Measure results If results are...
customer relationship management
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Automating Customer Relationship Management for Your Startup’s Website

You've set up your website, started your marketing campaigns and hired a great customer service team for your startup business. Yet, you still feel behind and like all the pieces aren't connecting. Don't worry — that's common for startups, and there is a solution. By connecting a customer relationship management (CRM) software program with your...
Sales Pitch
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Step Up Your Sales Game

How to Step Up Your Sales Game in Three Easy Steps As Michael Scott of The Office would say, “The sales department is the furnace of the ship.” They get things moving; they drive the ship to where it needs to be. If your sales team isn’t up to par, your whole business suffers. You...
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Where Bad Sales Leads Come From and How to Avoid Them

Avoid Getting Bad Sales Leads Lots of small business owners and sales people complain about not having enough good sales leads, or feel like the sales leads that they have are not good enough. It’s true that not all sales leads are equally promising – some sales prospects are ready to buy immediately; others are...
Business Hero
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5 Common Mistakes in Generating Leads

One of the most common challenges for B2B sales organizations is a lack of generating leads that are highly qualified. If you feel like the sales leads on your call list just aren’t a good fit, or if you keep hearing “no” from the prospects that you contact, it might be time to re-evaluate your...
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3 Quick Updates to Improve Site Traffic

Your Website is up and running, and you love it. But, what do your customers think? If your site traffic is low (check your Google analytics to find out), it’s time to take a closer look at your site. The good news is, you can make a few, free changes that result in drastic improvements....