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Step Up Your Sales Game

How to Step Up Your Sales Game in Three Easy Steps

As Michael Scott of The Office would say, “The sales department is the furnace of the ship.” They get things moving; they drive the ship to where it needs to be. If your sales team isn’t up to par, your whole business suffers. You can try hiring a new manager or head of sales hoping they swoop in and save the day, but starting with your internal team and working with what you have can save your business a lot of time and money in the long run.

Here are three things you can do to step up your sales game from the inside out:

Being genuine counts.

A lot of sales people can come off, well, sales-y. They act like they know where you’re from, they sympathize with your story, and when they have your credit card number, they get you off the phone as quickly as possible. If your employees believe in your business and love the products or services you provide, the selling part of sales comes off as less contrived and fake. Make sure your employees see just how much and why you believe in your business- it’s easier for them to get excited about your business if you are. It’s easier to make a genuine recommendation than it is to make a sale.

Concentrate on repeat customers.

Stress the importance of creating real relationships. Have your team really remember tid-bits about their customers. Write down bits of information to bring up in the next interaction. Bring a genuine interest in people to your sales calls. You create repeat customers by making your customers feel like regulars. Treat them like friends, and they’ll come back.

Treat your sales team (and all of your employees) well.

When it comes down to it, happy employees lead to happy customers. If you treat your employees well; they’re happy to come to work every day, they’ll be in better spirits when engaging with customers. I, personally, like to do this by hosting catered lunches when we hit sales goals, making the occasional coffee run, and celebrating any and all birthdays, baby showers, work anniversaries, graduations, etc. We like to have fun in our office, and I think that bleeds over into how we interact with our customers.

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