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Mobile marketing
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Mobile Marketing: How Main Street Businesses are Leveraging the Trend

Main Street businesses are in a pitched battle with e-commerce mega sites. To compete with the allure of online shopping, local merchants are exploiting every opportunity available to drive in-store purchases. Here are several ways your fellow small businesses are using a rising tide of mobile marketing solutions to attract foot traffic, and how you...
Inspire Your Salespeople
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Go Beyond Money to Inspire Your Salespeople

Salespeople are the folks that open doors and close sales. They are responsible for generating the lifeblood of your business: revenue. However, your salespeople are also your frontline, and oftentimes the only touchpoint customers have with your company. In their role, they act as ambassadors of your brand. To ensure that your team remains highly motivated and...
The Internet of Things
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Startup Sets Sights on the Internet of Things [IoT]

Welcome to another special show in our “Problem Solvers” series, focusing on startups that were spun out of universities and national research laboratories that have the potential to change the world. Today’s show features PsiKick, a company that has combined research from the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia to make the Internet of Things...
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10 businesses you could start in the Bahamas

  OK. Let's do a little dreaming. Let's say you could escape the grind. If formulaic thinking has you down, or you're feeling like you're living in a life of habit, you could make a break for it and start up your dream the Bahamas. What business would you want to start there? I...
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Burs in a dog’s coat led to what invention?

Could a bur stuck in a dog's coat lead to one of the greatest practical inventions of all time? Read to the end and you'll find out what George de Mestral invented. We share four golden retrievers. They spend a lot of time outside--even in the winter--while we're working away at our desks in our...
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“Small Business.” Does that term apply to you?

We always like reading the work of Gwendolyn Bounds in the Wall Street Journal. This week she highlights an effort by the SBA to refine the federal agency's definition of what a "small" business is. And, boy, the SBA needs to! For example, they have 37 different "size standards" to account for the full gamut...