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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Jack Dorsey (Episode 30)

Earlier this week, tech entrepreneur and founder of both Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, announced he will donate $1 billion of his personal net worth to aid in the COVID-19 crisis. In his announcement on Twitter, Dorsey noted that after the pandemic is disarmed, the focus will shift to girls' health and education and to fund universal basic...
time management
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5 Time Management Tips to Help Get Your Business off the Ground

“How can I manage my time better?” is a question that crops up with alarming regularity. For entrepreneurs, this can have serious implications on their business. Luckily, there are steps they can take to prevent a productivity gap from opening. Bryan Hunter, head of digital marketing at Instant Offices says, “It’s important to think ahead, and to...
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What You Need to Know About Your Side Hustle’s Invoice

If you’re new to the side hustling and are paid for the work you do, there’s a 100 percent chance that you’ll need to submit an invoice to your respective client. What should be included in an invoice and what’s the best way to formulate and keep track of these documents? We’ve created a quick...
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4 IoT Devices That Can Help Your New Business Succeed

Predictions call for the introduction of billions of new Internet of Things, or IoT, devices in the next few years, but this might seem like nothing more than an interesting concept—and not one worth implementing for your new business. On the other hand, some of the jobs that you have to juggle from day to...