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Closing a sales deal
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5 Tips for Closing a Sales Deal

A deal usually has several parts: the hatching of the idea by one party, its conceptual embrace by the other side and finally the closing. In most cases, the first two phases of a transaction or sales cycle are much easier than closing a sales deal. Sealing a deal (because of the prospect that it...
Mobile marketing
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Mobile Marketing: How Main Street Businesses are Leveraging the Trend

Main Street businesses are in a pitched battle with e-commerce mega sites. To compete with the allure of online shopping, local merchants are exploiting every opportunity available to drive in-store purchases. Here are several ways your fellow small businesses are using a rising tide of mobile marketing solutions to attract foot traffic, and how you...
Inspire Your Salespeople
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Go Beyond Money to Inspire Your Salespeople

Salespeople are the folks that open doors and close sales. They are responsible for generating the lifeblood of your business: revenue. However, your salespeople are also your frontline, and oftentimes the only touchpoint customers have with your company. In their role, they act as ambassadors of your brand. To ensure that your team remains highly motivated and...
Save money
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4 Ways to Save Money for Your Small Business

When it comes to a small business, a penny saved truly is a penny earned. Continually cutting costs, even in tiny ways, goes directly to your bottom line. And there are more ways to save money in your business than you even have time to learn about. We’ve chosen four areas that are ripe for...
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6 Grassroots Marketing Success Stories

Grassroots marketing is the best way for your startup business to create awareness among potential customers and to establish a brand in whatever markets you’re targeting – local, regional or even national. There’s nothing fancy about grassroots marketing techniques. All “grassroots” really means in this context is something unconventional that allows your brand to meet...