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StartupNation’s HomeGrown Video Series Debuts with Modern Natural Baby

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StartupNation’s new video series, HomeGrown, will explore the small businesses that are at the heart of our communities and will look at the successes and challenges business owners have pushed through to get where they are.

“Shop Small” is more than just a cute slogan in this real-life look at what small business owners face — and why it’s so important to all of us that they make it. 

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In the premiere episode of HomeGrown, we check in with Ferndale, Michigan, small business owners John and Emily Murray. John and Emily started their cloth diaper shop out of their home over a decade ago and grew it into the local go-to for everything baby and child, Modern Natural Baby.

Join HomeGrown host and co-creator Rochelle Adkinson as she meets the duo behind this beloved small business, learns how they’ve weathered the COVID-19 pandemic and what they did to come out even stronger than ever!

Tune in to HomeGrown with Modern Natural Baby

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