5 Game Changing Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs [Video]

Do you ever wish you were a better at networking? You attend events to meet new people and grow your business, but walking into a room filled with strangers can feel intimidating and awkward. The good news is, it doesn’t have be this way.

If you wish you could master the skill of networking, check out these five tips for becoming a superstar networker at the next afterwork event you attend:

To summarize, try these networking tips:

1. Shift your mindset. If you aren’t happy while attending an event, your body language and non-verbal communication will reflect it. Do you like starting conversations with people who look like they’re in a bad mood? Nope. Don’t be that person. Walk into the room tall, confident and with a smile on your face. This will attract others to walk over and start a conversation.

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2. Be prepared and have a goal. If you’re taking the time to attend an event, make the most of it. Once you step through the door, put your phone away and be ready to meet new people who may become powerful new connections.

3. Ask great questions. We attend events to build relationships. An easy way to build better connections is to ask interesting questions. Anybody can ask, “What do you do?” Before those words flow out of your mouth, switch it up with something more unique. For example, “Tell me about your favorite client and why you love working with them.” This sparks more interesting (and memorable!) conversations.

4. Help others. Discover how you can make a positive impact in someone’s life. Find out who they are trying to connect with and what their biggest challenges are. If you can, make an introduction or share a helpful resource.

5. Initiate conversations. Remember, lots of people at the event are just as uncomfortable as you are. Spot someone who isn’t involved in a conversation and ask them some of those great questions. They’ll love you for it. Plus, it’s a great strategy to meet new people.

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