Albizu Garcia

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Garcia is CEO and co-founder of GAIN. GAIN makes the social publishing workflow—including scheduling and gathering client approvals—easy for agencies, social media managers and anyone working in teams.
remote startup team
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How to Successfully Manage a Remote Startup Team

As more employees opt to work remotely, marketing managers struggle to find ways to keep teams connected and working together digitally. Individuals want to feel as though they are part of the team but that they also have the independence to work from afar. This dynamic can prove difficult for managers who want to increase...
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4 Ways to Improve Your Client Relationships Through Automation

The word automation doesn’t exactly evoke excitement. However, automation doesn’t have to mean mundane and robot-like. In marketing terms, automation can help promote brand consistency, which in turn, can create reliability and trust.  As entrepreneurs, we all know what it’s like to take part in endless back-and-forth email chains with clients. When we talk about...