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Alec Sears graduated from Brigham Young University in public relations and business management. He is a digital marketing expert and has written for Venture Beat, Capterra, Lucidpress and, among others.
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4 Ways Your Startup Can Land a Sponsorship Deal

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, independence is both your greatest strength and greatest weakness. Asking for help can seem unwise when the stakes are high. And things only get more complicated if you’re asking for financial help, right? Maybe not. Of the fatal mistakes businesses often make, refusing to build a network of support is...
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5 Things to Know and Learn Before Starting a Franchise

You’ve probably heard the statistic that people love to throw around: that 95 percent of franchises are successful. This myth has been promulgated for so long that it has directly caused one of the biggest problems facing franchises today: over-saturation. Too many people buy into the idea that running a franchise is “easy.” That’s not...
public relations
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5 Public Relations Tools That Every Entrepreneur Needs

Public relations isn’t what it once was; now that nearly anyone can uncover and share information online, it’s much harder to control the narrative around your brand. And that’s on top of all the other developments you have to keep up with in the digital age, such as SEO best practices, trust-building in a world...
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7 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Help You Start Your Business

Cryptocurrency remains a hot commodity in 2018, especially as investors continue to back these digital coins or tokens. However, 2018 may evidence a shift toward the technology undergirding cryptocurrencies with blockchain. Blockchain technology holds untapped power, and many investors crave to see what entrepreneurs will build with the technology. With the capability of improving a...
artificial intelligence
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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the bold new frontier in business and entrepreneurship, and all signs point to an even bolder future for the burgeoning technology. Applications for AI in business are nearly boundless, and new uses emerge on a weekly basis. Leveraging artificial intelligence in your company’s marketing, management and long-term strategy can give you an...
side hustle
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4 Common Challenges to Starting a Side Hustle

Having a side hustle is a great way to increase your income, and it can produce enormous benefits when balanced with your main job. Depending on what your side hustle is, it may allow you to pursue new areas of your career field, diversify your skills, explore things you’re passionate about and network with new people...