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Holiday Season
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Customers are for Life and Not Just for Christmas

Customers: Treat 'em right year around to keep them coming back! Let's face it: we are wrapped-up in the mist of winter. As our advent calendars rattle with half-filled chocolate, our stockings above the fireplace begin to fill with presents. As joyous songs stuff us with nostalgic joy, workers across the country are counting down...
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This Christmas Don’t Get Snowed Under With Work: Prioritize and Delegate

Prioritize and Delegate: 'Tis the season! Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend that there is only twenty-four hours in a day. When we feel time is blustering, we often forget that we have no more hours than the next person. Working effectively is important to every business, but being snowed-under is an overbearing feeling that we...
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Bad Bosses: What Do Employees Say About You

Are you listening to what your employees are saying about you? Being aware of what your employees think of you and the force you have on their behaviour is a powerful form of insight. As an authority figure, your conduct and actions will have a significant impact on how your staff feels about their jobs....