Holiday Season

Customers are for Life and Not Just for Christmas

Organizations actively aware of their customer needs, both online and offline, can accommodate their marketing tactics to effectively achieve a competitive edge, leading to customers for life.

Customers: Treat ’em right year around to keep them coming back!

Let’s face it: we are wrapped-up in the mist of winter. As our advent calendars rattle with half-filled chocolate, our stockings above the fireplace begin to fill with presents. As joyous songs stuff us with nostalgic joy, workers across the country are counting down the days until they officially close for custom. And, as Christmas Day dawns upon us, businesses are trying to outshout and out-discount their competition.

The problem with Christmas is that everybody sees a marketing opportunity. As a result, businesses spend a huge amount of their budget on marketing and discounts hoping that their ROI will convert to enough potential shoppers. This usually means stacking high on stock and selling at extremely low prices. Business owners are filled with excitement and fear; excitement for the potential sales, and fear of the discounts their competition will offer.

Today’s typical workplace attitude is to ‘win’ business at any cost. Many organizations are training their staff to make a sale as quickly as possible. Yes, that customer may have given you money today, but that customer is very unlikely to do business with you again.

On the other hand, great organizations know that it’s more costly to find new customers than to keep existing customers happy and loyal. These organizations allow for their salespeople to maintain a level of service which ensures that they maintain customer loyalty. Consequently, these salespeople have successfully generated customers for life.

Learn how a little investment in customer retention can turn Christmas sales into customers for life:

Lesson One: Actively Acknowledge Your Customers Needs

Organizations whom are actively aware of their customer needs, both online and offline, can accommodate their marketing tactics to effectively achieve a competitive edge. Your business’ goal should be to reach your customers on an emotional level. To implement this you must learn how shoppers respond to your brand, what there buying motives are and how they react to your advertising campaigns. Always remember that each customer has their own personality. Once you know your customer profile, you can use marketing segmentation to provide marketing that matches these personalities.

Lesson Two: Discounts Doesn’t Win Customer Affection

In the world of business, competition can be ruthless. Unless you can keep prices low all year round, your customers will ditch you once normal trading resumes. Instead, rather than rising to the fight of outshouting and out-discounting, you should invest your money more wisely. Each customer has their own behaviors which influences how they respond to brands, products and on-site design, which ultimately be differs from the next customer. You should learn your typical customer persona and increase your customer’s buying experience accordingly.

Lesson Three: Always Work on Customer Relationships

As more shoppers are opting to spend their money online, compiling customer data has never been as effortless. To refrain from sending irrelevant information to customers, gathering this data is fundamental to your online strategy. Web personalization can help you keep on the right side of your customers and ultimately result in long-term custom.

Finally, remember when the Christmas rush has come to an end, you must work to keep this relationship alive, and if things go well, these customers will market your brand through word-of-mouth all the year around!

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