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Eric Richard is the senior technology writer for Appointment-Plus, a cloud-based scheduling software application that has booked over 80 million appointments since 2001.
cloud computing
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Cloud Computing: Why Businesses Are Adopting It

Cloud computing applications generally serve up numerous benefits to businesses that implement them. One in particular—accessibility—was cited as a top motivating factor for adopting cloud technology, according to recent survey of over 3,600 IT decision...
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What Most Entrepreneurs Forget When Purchasing Software

Entrepreneurs have long understood the power of software to transform a business and drive operational performance. And with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications now available for practically every business function, the opportunities for business...
Tropical Island
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Don’t Let Your Business Get Left Behind

Complacency is something many of us are guilty of. Whether it’s waiting until the last minute to accomplish a task or not heeding the advice of a friend or colleague because you’re content and satisfied...
Social Media Success
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Social Media Success: Commitment is Critical

Try as you may, you simply cannot avoid the presence of social media in today’s society. Everywhere you look, you see the familiar icons of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media applications on a...
Cyber Security
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Sync Your Software to Achieve More in Less Time

For most small business owners and sole proprietors, the thought of running their operations without software applications is incomprehensible. Whether for accounting, appointment-scheduling, human resources, e-marketing or payment-processing, these programs have allowed them to function...
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How To Drive Customers Your Way Online

You’ve listened to the experts and other successful business owners. You’ve developed an interactive website with all of the functionality one could ask for. You’ve launched an engaging blog. You’ve established a social media presence...
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Modern PR Tactics: Blending The Old & The New

Quick, what does the term "public relations" mean? If a variety of answers popped into your head, you're on the right track. “Public relations” is a fairly broad term that can have different meanings depending...
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Exceptionally Effective E-newsletters

Newsletters often get a bad rap in today’s business environment. For many owners, operators and staff, the vision of an outdated, mailed piece of paper that takes hours of manpower to produce and print immediately...
Lean Startup
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Keys to Purchasing SaaS for Your Business

Trends in technology always make their way to small businesses, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are no exception. Owners and operators worldwide are weaning themselves from the traditional “boxed” software found in retail...
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A Simple Reminder Goes a Long, Long Way

Most of us enjoy getting reminders. Whether it’s a telephone call from our hair stylist the day before our appointment, an e-mail detailing next week’s spa visit, or a postcard in the mail a few...
Business Vehicle
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Saving Money with Cloud Applications for Small Business

Small business owners are always looking for ways to improve their operations in the most cost-effective manner possible, especially during tough economic times. Software programs and in-house networks historically have been one solution to help...