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Cloud Computing: Why Businesses Are Adopting It

Cloud computing offers various benefits to your business. Find out what 46 percent of survey respondents listed as the most important reason for adopting cloud technology.

Cloud computing applications generally serve up numerous benefits to businesses that implement them. One in particular—accessibility—was cited as a top motivating factor for adopting cloud technology, according to recent survey of over 3,600 IT decision makers conducted by research company TNS and CSC, a technology-enabled solutions and services group.

While this finding may be surprising to some experts and observers, it’s one of the characteristics of cloud-computing technology that really distinguishes it from traditional software programs and one that allows owners, operators and staff to run their processes more easily and effectively.


According to the survey, 46 percent of respondents listed accessibility from various devices as the most important reason for adopting cloud technology. Only 10 percent said cost savings. While cost and monetary savings oftentimes occur when utilizing certain cloud applications—such as online scheduling or marketing software—it’s the accessibility factor that plays a key role in the adoption process.

And this makes perfect sense, given the nature of cloud-computing technologies.

Unlike more traditional software applications purchased at a retail outlet or electronics store and installed on an individual computer or network, cloud applications are accessible in the same manner as any Web site. This means that the software and accompanying data can be utilized from any Internet-connected device, such as a laptop computer or a smartphone. An owner, operator or his or her staff need not be in the office or on-site to utilize the software. They can be on the road, at home or from any other location and completely access the program, without any limitations or having to dial into a secure network.

So, accessibility is the most important reason why owners and operators adopt cloud computing into their businesses. But what about the other concerns that some may have, like security, ease-of-use and price?

Fortunately, most dependable and established cloud technology providers have gone above and beyond in addressing these issues.

Security should be a top issue for both the cloud provider and its clientele. Reputable providers implement standard security practices, including the utilization of secure server database, data storage and back-up procedures, as well as processes related to failover and federal regulations, if applicable to their service. To quell any fears in this area, be sure to inquire with the service provider before signing up for service.

As for ease of use and pricing, most of today’s cloud computing applications are relatively easy to learn and are typically available for a nominal monthly fee. In fact, many of them are available on a “pay-as-you-go” platform, a real benefit for business owners and operators not looking to get wrapped up in long-term contracts.

If accessibility is a factor in your next software purchase, look no further than cloud computing applications. You’ll even get a few added perks to go along with it!

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