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Eric Lochtefeld, co-author of "Purpose Code," is a massively successful, nine-figure entrepreneur, investor and developer. Specializing in making companies exceed $2 to $5 million in annual revenue over a short time, he’s established 20+ entities exceeding $300 million in total revenue. Eric is the owner of Bliss Island Resort in Hawaii and travels across the world to teach asset wealth management.
monetizing your true purpose
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Monetizing Your True Purpose: How to Make Money at Anything

By now, you've mastered the importance of cracking your life’s purpose code and finding your purpose. Now, it’s time to discuss monetizing your true purpose. There are five primary reasons people do not achieve their dreams: They never begin. They quit too soon. They make poor decisions, derailing their ambitions. They worry about what others...
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How to Crack Your Life’s Purpose and Unlock Your True Calling

Inspiration is everywhere. The business of personal development coaching and live or virtual events that “transform your life and 10X your revenue” has exploded in the last 10 years or so. But is the proliferation of these events achieving the goal of helping people align with their life's purpose? My business partner, Patrick Combs, and...