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Felix Tarcomnicu is a blogger and entrepreneur, and co-founder of Cross.Promo. He enjoys writing about businesses and online marketing. You can connect with him on Twitter @Felixtarcomnicu.
Dream Job at a Startup
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How to Land Your Dream Job at a Startup

Small business is the new engine of economic growth in every country. Small businesses stimulate demand, generate employment and create business activity. Statistically, 98 percent of all new businesses registered are small business startups. The...
Online Marketing Tools
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8 Essential Online Marketing Tools

Nowadays, marketers are spoiled with hundreds if not thousands of tools they can use for their online marketing campaigns. There are tools for email marketing, SEO, A/B testing, social media, content marketing and more. While...
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Virtual Assistant: A startup’s answer

6 Reasons why Every Start-Up Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Start-Up businesses face daunting challenges the moment the enterprise is formally launched. There are several challenges along the way to attaining business success. Some of...