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As the founder of StartAnAmericanCompany.com, Heather Landau has honed her skills in service advisory from the pragmatic to the practical. With a total of 25 years combined experience in international marketing and business development, Heather is a leading voice on company formation in the U.S., and operates similar services across Europe and the rest of the world. On top of her knack for helping SMEs develop into the USA, Australia and Europe, Heather holds a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages (French/Italian), and is conversational in German and Spanish.
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4 Simple Tips to Successfully Scale Your Startup Globally

For many startups, conquering the domestic market (and indeed the local market) would be a prize enough. Yet others have broader ambitions, and see a place in the world for their idea. For those individuals, there is no time to waste in getting their product to market, and guiding their business to greater success, globally....
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Top 10 Tips For Expanding Your Online Business to Europe

With President Trump’s planned corporate tax cuts and other favorable business conditions, there’s no better time to be based in the U.S. However, this domestic success also provides an ideal platform for small businesses thinking about expanding further. Here are 10 top tips for expanding your goods and services in Europe and around the world....
Brand management
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4 Lessons in Brand Management from the Twittersphere

Twitter for businesses is a notoriously difficult beast. With a climate that’s ripe for reactionary statements and recycled jokes, it can seem hard to get a serious message across, let alone an earnest bit of branding. You only have to look at the numerous failed hashtags to see how a message with honest intentions can...
Female entrepreneurs
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Female Entrepreneurs and the Fight for Funding

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” New York has always been attractive to the self-made man, but it could now be the premier destination for the self-made woman, too. The Big Apple is being widely hailed as the new template for female-friendly business formation, enabling female entrepreneurs to launch startups with the...
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Tips for Expanding or Opening a Business in Europe

Starting Up In Europe? How To Choose The Best Country For Your Business If you’re thinking about starting a new business in Europe, arguably the most important consideration is the location. With over 50 countries to choose from, deciding where to base your business can often be both complicated and confusing. Unlike the US each...