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Jay Reeder is founder of Ninja Number, a virtual phone system that helps entrepreneurs increase revenue with an AI-powered automated telephone lead optimization.
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How 5G Will Transform Entrepreneurship (and Give Remote Work a Serious Upgrade)

The remote work phenomenon is well underway. More and more companies across industries are realizing the multitude of benefits that come from going remote, not least of which are an upturn in employee productivity and job satisfaction. In fact, remote work is gaining such prominence that Stanford economics professor Nicholas Bloom compared it to the...
customer relationships
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How Growing Businesses Can Maintain Customer Relationships Like it’s Day One

Today’s most successful startups are growing fast. Yet, with fast growth comes an expanded customer base; and with it, the potential to lose the close relationships you had in the early days. Customer experience is more important now than ever. A recent Walker study reported that customer experience will overtake product and price as the...
customer success
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Why Focusing on Customer Success Will Pay Off in the Long Run

Focusing on customer success is a good way to make sure your business thrives. While getting new customers also generates revenue, being aware of your current clients’ goals and working with them to achieve them is more worthwhile in the long run. Oftentimes, companies don’t remember this and prioritize their own success, forgetting why they...