James Giancotti

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James Giancotti is CEO and cofounder of Oddup, a premier international provider of data-driven insights for the startup and cryptocurrency ecosystems.
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Bitcoin Can Build New Bridges to Cryptocurrency for Small Business

If there is one constant that has chased Bitcoin through its nearly 13-year history, it is an obsession with where its price currently sits. Bitcoin Loses 50% of Its Value! Tumbles to Lowest Price in Six Months! Here Comes the Bear Market! This might be great for speculative investors who have no problem “buying the...
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The Unicorn Is Dead, Long Live the Thoroughbred

How quickly can a word’s meaning change? Well, when it comes to the business definition of “unicorn,” it appears the shelf life is something like eight years. When venture capitalist Aileen Lee coined the term in 2013, there was a very good reason to call a privately held startup worth more than $1 billion a...