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Jonathan Pletzke is a StartupNation community member and is part of a startup in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His experience includes consulting work at life and commercial insurance companies and many technical papers on the subject. Jonathan is author of Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off, which was created to help people make the best possible decisions when buying health insurance. Learn more at
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Getting Health Insurance for "Second Career" Startups

In this article, we’ll tackle the question about what to do if you’re someone who is retiring, retiring early, or going into semi-retirement to start a second career in a startup company or an ongoing small business. Frequently, people tell me that they’re staying in their job due to concerns about health insurance and whether...
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When to Get Small Business Group Health Insurance

Whether you’re starting a business, already in business, or planning a startup, health insurance is a topic you’ll have to confront. You’ll be forced to answer questions like, Should you keep health insurance for up to 18 months from a previous employer through the COBRA option, buy individual health insurance, seek out an association to...
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Individual Health Insurance Options for Startups

Individual health insurance is sold to individuals and varies based on the laws of the state in which you reside. There are two main ways in which health insurance is sold to individuals. Directly, so that the individual owns the policy, and as part of an association group, where the individual gets a certificate of...
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Health Insurance Options When Transitioning from a Job to a Startup

COBRA and what it does for you A federal law commonly known as COBRA ensures your ability to continue on an employer’s health plan in several situations including when you leave employment. It allows you to continue your employer health plan for 18 months after leaving your job if your employer is large enough to...