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Sherrie Berry: Revitalizing The Skincare Industry

Changing people's lives by developing skincare products Looking at Sherrie Berry today you’d never know she was the victim of an accidental backyard explosion that burned her face, chest and arm less than a decade ago. The aforementioned experience, combined with her passion for creativity and an experimental cream given to her by an acquaintance...
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Cheryl Contee Attentive.ly Takes on the Tech Industry

Taking on the Tech Industry Many innovators have those fork-in-the-road moments, when they decide with certainty that they’ll stray from the beaten path and become trailblazers. For Cheryl Contee, cofounder of Attentive.ly, #YesWeCode and Jack and Jill Politics, and CEO at Fission Strategy, that moment came in 2008 when she decided to quit her corporate...
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Hollywood Makeup Artist Turns To Natural Beauty With Lipstick Angels

Achieving success in Hollywood requires an Angel Renata Helfman, Hollywood makeup artist and founder of the nonprofit Lipstick Angels, grew up as a self-proclaimed “beauty junkie,” without any expectation of turning her hobby into a career. However, a casual walk around a movie set in the late 1990s with her then-boyfriend completely altered her professional...