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Kira is content director at, where she manages all editorial aspects of credit card coverage. She reviews credit card offers to help people find the best match for their finances. See the latest stories at Compare Wallet.
gig economy
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Many Entrepreneurs Hope Gig Economy Leads to New Career

The rise of the gig economy has reshaped the way Americans approach their careers. Just a decade or two ago, “moonlighting” was frowned upon by many employers, but attitudes have changed. Today, it’s not uncommon for full-time employees to have a side gig as they pursue their entrepreneurial passion or dream. Many entrepreneurs use the...
business credit card
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5 Reasons to Use a Business Credit Card

It’s a common mistake for business owners. When it comes to paying for business expenses, you still pull out your personal credit card. Don't sell your business short. A business credit card is a different animal designed specifically to meet startup's needs. It’s worth noting, you don’t need to run a multi-million dollar business to...