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6 Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Success

Did you know that you can be one of the most brilliant minds in your field, but lack what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs? This is because in addition to needing hard skills (technical knowledge), you also need soft skills. If you don't have these skills, you cannot successfully develop a business, work with...
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Financial Knowledge for a More Successful Startup

Financial Knowledge You Need to Succeed Financial literacy is an important subject. Fortunately, there are many financial literacy initiatives that address students, families with lower income, and the elderly. These efforts may not be enough, but they exist, they are growing, and hopefully they will eventually make a significant impact. In the meantime, there is...
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Do you know what motivates you?: Entrepreneur Motivation

Successful People Start With Proper Motivation What motivates you? Do you know? If you are an entrepreneur and/or just launching a startup, you need to figure this out, because motivation leads to passion, and both lead to success. Entrepreneur motivation, in fact, is rather a personal thing, but you can find what motivates you and...