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Maqsood Rahman is the Founder & CEO of SEO Audit Agency He is highly dedicated to helping companies develop their Digital Marketing strategies. He is also the mastermind behind SEO Audit Software, one of the best open source & white label SEO tools for agencies with a 14-day free trial version.
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Hi, My Brand is: The Art of Personalizing Your Brand

Consumers don’t like to interact with businesses; they like to interact with people. What separates a bland startup from one with a recognizable brand is a sense of personality. Consumers tend to trust businesses that they can relate to, which is why personalizing your brand is so significant. Whether it’s humor, sincerity or professionalism, your brand should possess a...
Tax season
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Prepping Your Business for the Upcoming Tax Season

Tax season is upon us. Owning and operating a business requires a lot of courage, determination and fearlessness. It also demands that you be ready for anything that comes across your path, including tax season. Tackle the tax season like a true CEO as we take you through the tips necessary for staying on the...