Hi, My Brand is: The Art of Personalizing Your Brand

Consumers don’t like to interact with businesses; they like to interact with people. What separates a bland startup from one with a recognizable brand is a sense of personality. Consumers tend to trust businesses that they can relate to, which is why personalizing your brand is so significant.

Whether it’s humor, sincerity or professionalism, your brand should possess a personality that entices your audience into purchasing your products or trying your services.

Here, learn the art of personalizing your brand:

Know what kind of business you want to be

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d surprised as to how many business owners don’t know what kind of company they’re running. Yes, they’re aware that they provide a specific product or service, but how is the business defined? For example, Home Depot and Lowe’s are not just hardware stores. They are defined as a resource for home improvement materials. Based on that clarification, consumers know what needs will be satisfied by shopping at these establishments.

The same should apply to your business. No matter what type of products you sell or the services you provide, your customers should know what kind of business you are, and defining your business is the first step in personalizing your brand.

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Think about what separates you from the competition

Personalization is about making your brand feel like one in a million. Think carefully about the qualities and assets that separate your business from the competition. Whether it’s your emphasis on customer service or the low prices of your products, take your company’s strengths and put them on display.

Even if you’re offering the same product or service as the guy next to you, there’s always something that sets you apart; it’s just about finding out what it is. Personalizing your brand relies on your ability to differentiate your business and show consumers why you stand out from the rest. Once you know what that special thing is (price, service, environment, etc.), never let your audience forget it.

Get your branding materials in order

Personalization isn’t just about what’s on the inside of your business but what lies on the surface, as well. This is where your branding materials come in. That means logos, taglines, images and even colors and fonts. A great example is Coca-Cola. Based on their font style alone, consumers can tell an advertisement belongs to Coke even if their name is not initially stated. That’s the power of branding.

By crafting marketing materials that are specific to your brand personality, consumers will be able to relate to your business even when you’re not around. Just walking down the street, a consumer may see an image or font style that makes them think of your brand. Consider how you would like your business to be represented and exemplify that through your logo, font and tagline designs. Consistency is key during this step and it’s important that your brand is promoted the same across all mediums. This makes your business look more like an actual entity compared to just another company.

Pick a personality and stick with it

When it comes to personalizing your brand, it’s always good to use a specific tone. This tone will be displayed on your website, advertisements and even used by your employees when interacting with consumers. However, the style of your tone depends on what kind of personality you decide to go with. What type of personality would you like your brand to possess?

Do you want to be funny or professional? Do you want to tug on your audience’s heartstrings or show them a good time? These are questions that you have to ask yourself if you want to establish a brand that consumers can relate to. Once you’ve chosen your brand personality, it should be applied to your business across the board, from your website’s copy to the environment of your office or storefront. This brand personality will provide audiences with an idea of who you are and what you’re about.

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Next steps to personalizing your brand

Personalizing your brand isn’t easy, but it is an important step for success. The second consumers realize that there is a group of individuals behind your business that are just like them, they will be more eager to check you out. Keep these tips in mind as you begin to transition your company from just another business to something that people can relate to and want to invest in.

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