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Michelle Stedman, vice president of operations and talent management strategist, joined the BirdDogHR team in 2012 and leads the Professional Services, Product Development and Customer Care teams. Michelle's multifaceted background in corporate recruiting and agency staffing gives her a unique perspective into developing professional services that help BirdDogHR customers achieve talent management success. A published author and frequent presenter, Michelle speaks to AGC of America and SHRM audiences across the country.
Workplace perks
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Company Culture: The Workplace Perks That Impress Top Performers

With websites like Glassdoor acting as a Yelp for workplaces, more companies than ever are looking to outdo their rivals in a bid for top employees. Many modern companies are leaning away from the “all-business” mentality, in favor of fostering relationships and engagement with their staff. With this shift comes a variety of workplace perks encouraged...
Performance review
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Alternatives to the Annual Performance Review [Infographic]

Employees crave feedback. The right insights can help us to improve productivity, establish paths for professional and personal growth, and even become better at what we do. According to statistics, companies that implement a regular performance review have 14.9 percent lower turnover rates than businesses that don't offer constructive comments. The right review solution can motivate...