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Miguel Fernandez is the co-founder and CEO of Capchase, a provider of non-dilutive growth capital for recurring-revenue companies. Prior to founding Capchase, Miguel was a student at Harvard Business School and played a pivotal role in the growth of Geoblink, a location intelligence company based in Madrid. Miguel is also the founder of HeyDey Brands and was a strategy consultant for Monitor Deloitte. Originally from Madrid, he has also lived in Munich and London.
startup funding
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4 Reasons 2022 Will Be A Turning Point For Startup Funding

Last year saw some fundamental shifts in the startup funding landscape that will have a profound impact by this time next year. Interest rates were at an all-time low, which meant that there were few asset classes providing high returns (venture capital [VC] being one of the main ones). Vast sums of money poured in...
subscription-based business
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3 Tips for Building a Successful Subscription-Based Business

The way consumers buy goods and services is changing. Have a look at your bank statement over the last several months, and I’ll bet there are more than a few recurring charges for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify or Zoom. Consumers used to buy one-off products or services but are now increasingly subscribing to receive them...