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Nicole is the author of "MindSET Your Manners," due out in October 2016. Nicole has a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Colorado. She studied human behavior under Judith Orloff, M.Ed., cofounder of Burlington College and longtime corporate leadership consultant. Nicole has coached hundreds of people through the critical conversations associated with financial negotiations. Nicole is also a coauthor of "Venture Capital for Dummies."
Mindset Your Manners
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MindSET Your Manners: Q&A with Serial Entrepreneur Tom Higley [Book Bonus Content]

Author, neuroscientist and StartupNation contributor Nicole Gravagna released her latest book, "MindSET Your Manners" this week. Below, StartupNation features an exclusive interview with Tom Higley, founder of 10.10.10, and serial entrepreneur featured in the book. His past company, Service Metrics, turned 27 of its employees into millionaires. The following transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity. Nicole Gravagna:...
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The Dark Side of Passion in Entrepreneurship

Passion. It’s the key ingredient in entrepreneurship. You can’t push a company from zero to one without it. What is it? What is passion? Entrepreneurs know it as the drive that keeps you from going on vacation for three years straight. It’s the motivation to keep at it when everyone says no. It’s the panic...