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Sheza Gary has been a project strategist since 2009 and also involved in the launching of startups and tech companies in New York for over five years. She has a keen interest in writing her own experiences about business plans and upcoming business supporting technologies.
time tracking
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Time Tracking Tools: 5 Benefits for Startups

Whether you are just opening a new business or have been managing one for years, time tracking is an efficient way of monitoring your startup employees. Much of a business' success is based on the ratio of time put in by the employee and the amount of his or her output. Without proper time tracking, it...
Content marketing strategy
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6 Tips to Build a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Content has always been king! No marketing strategy is complete without content marketing. As per a report by demand metric, 78 percent of chief marketing officers are in favor that custom content is key for future marketing strategies. Content marketing is a long-term investment. It is an ongoing journey, so it is important that you have...
Security audit
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How to Conduct a Small Business Security Audit

Is your small business secure? This question addresses multiple sections of your company, including your assets, your IT security and more. Even the best companies miss things every now and then when auditing, which is why you should regularly perform your own security audit. Performing a security audit helps you to learn about your own business and about...
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Why Every Startup Needs a Mastermind

Being an entrepreneur takes determination, vision, sweat, courage and the ability to approach your industry in a new way. The best way to be able to tackle all of these things is to join what is commonly referred to as a mastermind. Basically, a mastermind is a collective of minds that are there to support each...
Productivity Apps
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Work Smarter: Top 8 Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

The importance of time for success Time is limited for everyone. Even if a person gives up sleep, eating and his or her personal life, he or she still only has 24 hours in a day. If an entrepreneur devotes all of his or her time to running a successful business, he or she will...
Cloud Computing
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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Startup Company

Cloud computing offers startup businesses plenty of competitive advantages in today's challenging business market. Most importantly, it helps cut costs, which is imperative to the success of oftentimes budget-ridden SMBs. Cloud computing provides these businesses with the distributive IT hardware and software that helps to save on the company’s infrastructure. This allows business owners to...
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5 Great Software Apps to Successfully Manage a Nail Salon

Apps to Successfully Manage a Nail Salon Nail salons are very popular today, which means a lot of business for you, but it also means that you must have the means to successfully run your business in order to keep clients and employees happy. In addition if you want to keep your bottom line as...
Impress Your Clients on the Phone
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Women Entrepreneurs Stay Focused

5 Simple Tactics that Encourage Women Entrepreneurs to Succeed Women are starting many more companies than ever before, but some still stay behind the scenes, afraid to break the mold. Now is the time for these women to speak up and come out of their shell. Anyone can start a business, whether male or female....
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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cloud Migration

Doing business from the "clouds" Small business owners face a lot of challenges when it comes to setting up a routine and structure that suits them and meets their needs. There are a lot of luxuries that big businesses might have that simply aren’t an option for a small entrepreneur, for example, and sometimes these...