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Work Smarter: Top 8 Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

The importance of time for success

Time is limited for everyone. Even if a person gives up sleep, eating and his or her personal life, he or she still only has 24 hours in a day. If an entrepreneur devotes all of his or her time to running a successful business, he or she will probably soon find that the pace is impossible to keep.

Balance is a necessity, and in order for an entrepreneur to find balance, it is a good idea to learn how to work smarter through business apps. Thanks to technology, it has never been easier for entrepreneurs to increase productivity:


All businesses have to start with an idea. From that idea, one must develop a business plan, and StratPad is an app that allows an individual to create a complete business plan. It helps create the startup strategy and can also create necessary financial projections to help get money needed for a business.


In the modern world, one of the keys to a successful business is its website. A good website needs to be visually appealing, functional and searchable. Paying for a professional to design and manage a website may not be financially feasible for a first time entrepreneur. The Plebu app can help create a website that works across multiple devices, including mobile devices. The app is easy to use and makes it possible for any entrepreneur to create the website they need without paying the cost of a professional web designer.


In order to earn money, an entrepreneur has to sell their business to others. Due to the many demands placed on a first time entrepreneur, making sales is not always easy. Sellingly is designed to make it easier to generate and follow up on leads. The app keeps track of generated leads and it can provide email reminders to follow up on leads, making sure that the entrepreneur handles sales leads in a timely manner.


When it comes to managing time, limiting the amount of time spent in meetings is key. UberConference allows for meetings over the Internet. Video and teleconferencing are available, and meetings can be set up in advance. It makes it easy for all parties to connect at the same time, no matter where they are located. With a screen-sharing app, it is also possible for people to work together by allowing others to see what is being viewed on each other’s computers.

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Pocket Analytics

In order to be successful, an entrepreneur needs to see statistics. Pocket Analytics helps track the successes and failures of the SEO marketing that a business is using. All information is available whenever it is needed.


The cloud is growing in importance in many ways, and Evernote makes it easy to share, edit and view files that have been uploaded to it. It gives employees access to the information they need to without delay. It also allows for adding notes or scanning items in a timely manner. Many entrepreneurs consider Evernote to be their low-priced personal assistant.


This app is designed for iPhone users. It works with both voice and text commands, and is designed as a task-sharing app. Users are able to organize tasks and share them with others. The Any-do app can also alert the user when a task needs to be done and allows the user to add notes to the task. Users can also sync multiple devices.


While time is the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs, money is another. Finding the time to track expenses can be very difficult and can cause problems for a busy entrepreneur. This app makes it easier to track expenses in a timely manner. It allows users to take pictures of receipts and to keep a digital record of money spent.

While some first-time entrepreneurs may be leery of using apps, those that do not take advantage of such technology may find it more difficult to be successful. The above apps simplify processes and help free up time, no matter your business.

What apps do you think are important and what do you think of the ones listed above? Give your ideas or suggestions that you have for helping first time entrepreneurs succeed.

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